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Born in Taipei in 1972, she graduated from the University of Brighton with a Doctorate in Art Creation (PhD). As an artist, she has been focusing on the creation and teaching of photography, painting, and composite media on topics such as female identity, creativity, and visual culture for many years. She is currently the director of Qingtian Art Space and an assistant professor at the Department of Art and Design, National Dong Hwa University. In 2002, she was listed as a Taiwanese female artist in the new video century by “Taiwan (Contemporary) Female Art History”. In 2012, she was awarded the “Special Recommendation by Judges” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and his works represented the country to tour the world. And in 2018, the famous Chinese magazine “Portrait” was listed as one of the 25 celebrities in the world.
In the past ten years, it has been recognized by the international art world and invited to exhibit in major international exhibitions:

  • 2022 Australia “International Photography Biennale”
  • 2021 Peru “Identity Aesthetics Exhibition”
  • 2021 Korea “Daegu Photography Biennale”
  • 2020 “Photoville Photography Festival” in New York, USA
  • 2020 Vevey Image Biennale, Switzerland
  • 2019 “Geneva Photography Biennale” in Switzerland
  • 2018 “Kaohsiung Photography Festival”
  • 2018 “Taipei Art Festival”
  • 2013 Korea “Ulsan International Photography Festival”
  • 2012 Taiwan “Registration in Taiwan: Taiwan Art Biennale”
  • 2007 “Manchester Photography Festival”

Black and white photo
81 x 119 cm|12 pictures in total

The Mother as a Creator
18.3 x 26.3 cm

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
THE BOUNDARY NARRATIVE OF WE/WOMEN – Continuity, Flow, Convergence
2022.06.25 – 09.04
Taitung Art Museum