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Ten years of living abroad has reshaped my identity: a citizen of the world, and cosmopolitanism has become my new identity. In the contemporary life of globalization, the continuous fusion and mixing of cultures from various countries has produced new mixed cultural identities, and in the constantly moving space, it has blurred the boundaries of my society, culture and politics.

  • 2010 Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Canada Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • 2013 Art Institute of Chicago MFA in Art Education
  • 2021 “Infinite Moments: Contemporary Women’s Art Exhibition”, National Cheng Kung University Exhibition Center, Taiwan
  • 2017 Independent Independent Art Fair, Taiwan
  • 2016 “The Breath of Absence” joint exhibition, Ouchi Art Festival, Taiwan
  • 2016 “Intimate Scars” joint exhibition, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan
  • 2015 “Fragments, Fragments” 435 Banqiao Arts Center, Taiwan
  • 2015 [Point, Line and Surface: Resonance at the Same Frequency – New Generation Joint Exhibition] Shuntian Art Space, Taiwan
  • 2014 “Wandering Colors and People’s Stream” Collection Creative Space, Taiwan
  • 2015 “2015 Kaohsiung Art Fair” Pier-2 Art Zone, Taiwan
  • 2014 “2014 Super Novart” Liberty Art Apartment, Taiwan
  • 2014 “Makeup.Painting.Natural” Star Art Exhibition, Taiwan
  • 2010 “A Whole Thought” YacTac Gallery Canada
  • 2010 “The Breeding of Sublimation” Concourse Gallery Canada
  • 009 “Beasts Are About” Stray Gallery, Canada

Oil painting on canvas
97 x 163 cm

Oil painting on canvas
97 x 163 cm

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
Blossom Everywhere
2022.06.25 – 09.04
Fourteen art and cultural spaces in Taitung