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Chiang Hsin-Ching

Born in 1970 in Taichung, Taiwan. She once cycled around the world for three years, visited more than 40 countries on five continents, published more than ten books and wrote art columns. In 2014, she crossed over from literature to art. What remained unchanged was the poetic questioning of truth. She quickly developed the “Ocean Mental Image Series” with a strong personal style, which was praised by professionals and recognized by the market. “Ocean Mental Image Series” is an ocean experience from the body, which is a magnificent epic of self-pursuit. “Daoyin Series” is a contemporary writing of literati feelings, combining calligraphy and multiple techniques.

In 2018, she went to Shanghai and Hangzhou to study contemporary art and technological philosophy in depth, and developed the “Thinking Network Series”. Starting from personal life history, she paid attention to the memory proposition in the digital age, combined with text, ink concepts and installations, to open up the world of the digital age. A space for contemplation, meditation, and enlightenment.

In 2020, she moved to the mountains and forests, creating behind closed doors in a fast-moving world, and opening spiritual circuits with art. Since then, she has won awards at home and abroad and been invited to important exhibitions, including the French Autumn Salon, the Hong Kong Global Ink Painting Exhibition, and the Taiwan Art New Look Award. and national art exhibitions, etc.

After ten years of sharpening his sword, she held successive large-scale solo exhibitions in national exhibition halls in 2013: the “Type·Landscape” creative exhibition at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and the “Cloud Stream·Calculation” creative exhibition at the Deming Gallery of the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, presenting the freedom of talent. Ten years of artistic journey.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2023 Yunxi·Calculation-Jiang Xinjing’s Creation Exhibition, Deming Gallery, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2023 Category·Landscape—Jiang Xinjing’s Creation Exhibition, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2022 Cloud Universe-Jiang Xinjing Concept Exhibition, Yunlin Story Gallery, Yunlin, Taiwan
  • 2021 Memory Dimension – 2021 Jiang Xinjing Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition, Dadun Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan
  • 2017 Hear Jiang Xinjing Contemporary Ink Solo Exhibition, Dahe Art, Sanyi, Taiwan
  • 2016 Flowery Years – Jiang Xinjing’s Modern Ink Painting Exhibition, Lin Zhishu Memorial Hall, Taichung, Taiwan

Important Joint Exhibitions

  • 2024 The Flower of Life – Joint Exhibition of Taiwanese Artists, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2023 Taichung Busan International Art Exchange Exhibition, Chungyou Department Store International Hall, Taichung
  • 2023 Treasure Island Love – Invitational Exhibition of Well-known Taiwanese Painters, Art Hong Kong Space, Hong Kong
  • 2023 Ink Painting Styles Joint Exhibition, Elephant Art Space, Taichung
  • 2022 Thousands of Ink Forms-2022 Pan-Asian Contemporary Art Landscape, Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung
  • 2022 The 11th Busan-Taipei International Art Exchange Exhibition, Exhibition Hall 2.3, Busan City Hall, Busan
  • 2022 Taiwanese Artists French Salon Society TFA Tour Exhibition, Dadun Cultural Center, Taichung
  • 2021 Art Blooms and the Future of Calligraphy and Painting-Cross-Strait (Shanghai and Taiwan) Young Artists Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai Library Second Exhibition Hall, Shanghai
  • 2021 Mutual support and ink-Tian Yuan Lou Calligraphy Association Joint Exhibition, Minato Art Center, Taichung
  • 2020 Taipei Busan International Art Exchange Exhibition, Tamkang University Wenqi Art Center, Taipei
  • 2019 My Own Room—Invitational Exhibition of Female Artists at Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai Cultural Center, Shanghai


  • 2023/2022 Taiwan Art New Look Award
  • 2023/2021 Yushan Art Award
  • 2022/2021 Yunlin Culture and Art Award
  • 2021 Hong Kong Global Ink Painting Exhibition
  • 2021 National Art Exhibition
  • 2020 French Autumn Salon
  • 2020 Roye Prize for Literature and Art Jury Award


  • 2022 Artist-in-residence at Taiwan’s “Yunlin Story Gallery”, “Zhu Qingting Humanistic Space” and “HUS FUN”
  • 2016 Artist-in-residence at “Yangyangaku Ryokan” in Karatsu, Kyushu, Japan

The Sky Appears Vast and Boundless
Ink and color on paper
70 x 138 cm

Autumn Fires All Over Mountains
Ink and color on paper
70 x 138 cm

Li Bai’s Twelve Moons
Ink installation
(Ink and color on paper, text output, black acrylic. Size depends on venue)

Song of the Thrush That Lost Its Voice
Ink installation
(Ink and color on paper, text, stage design. Size adjusted according to venue)

Beyond Representation
Ink and color on paper
63 × 110 cm

CloudStream Algorithm
Ink and color on paper
157 x 522 cm

Symphony of Water
Ink and color on paper
96 × 178 cm

Public Collection

  • Taipei Municipal Library Main Library
  • Fo Guang Shan Fo Guang Yuan Art Museum-Manila Branch
  • Shanghai Zero Bay Library