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  • Professor/Director of San Hua Institute of Art Studies at American DePaul University
  • Doctor of Fine Arts, American Purlinton University
  • Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A), Graduate School of Plastic Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts
  • University of Southern California (U.S.C) School of Education majoring in Art Education

Collection committee member of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, member of the public art setting executive group of the General Post Office of the Ministry of Communications, member of the Taiwan Provincial Government Zhongxing New Village artist selection review committee, Kaohsiung City Art Exhibition, Dadun Art Exhibition, Nanying Art Exhibition, Pingtung Art Exhibition, Zhuqian Art Exhibition, Jury member of Miaoli Art Exhibition, Sulfur Creek Art Exhibition, etc.

The installation art works were shortlisted for the touring exhibition of “404 International Electronic Art Festival (404 Festival)” in Argentina, the Bronze Award of Western Painting in the “Seoul Asia Art Reception Exhibition” in Seoul, South Korea in 2021/exhibited at the Korean Art Museum, and the mixed media of “French Artists Spring Salon” in 2009 and 2005 The material category was selected/exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, and the acrylic color category of the “International Art Exhibition” in Japan in 2006 won the “Incentive Award”/exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan

Feminine Series – Reappearance of the Youthful Years
Sewing machine, mesh fabric lace, wooden structure board, acrylic color
30 x 52 x 136 cm

Betel Nut Beauties Series – Chasing Dreams
Wooden structural panels, adhesives, gel paint, sequins, jewellery, acrylic paint
75 x 75 x 136 cm

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
WE/WOMEN – From Prehistory to HERstory
2022.06.25 – 09.21
National Museum of Prehistory

Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival

Blossom Everywhere
2022.06.25 – 09.04
Fourteen art and cultural spaces in Taitung