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Born in Chiayi, graduated from the Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan University of the Arts in 2008. She has won the Shi’an Aesthetics Award and the Taipei Fine Arts Award. In 2010 and 2013, she went to Brazil Sakada Foundation and Snowmass Village Art Center in Colorado, USA.

Through sketching, Xiao Zhufang collects small things and fragments in daily life and turns them into themes of paintings. She is good at using simple colors and lines to bring together fragmented feelings in real life into chapters. Seemingly insignificant, but simple and profound little things are conveyed in a relaxed and humorous painting style. Most of her works are based on characters, who have distinctive personalities and reflect various states of people’s emotions; some of the characters in her works are humorous and funny, while others are quiet and full of philosophical thinking. Ordinary life scenes are transformed into nonsensical and humorous imaginations with neat and comfortable lines and bright colors, and the little sorrows in life are resolved with humor.

The seemingly relaxed and random composition in past paintings was actually drawn by Xiao Zhufang through the process of adding, subtracting and subtracting sketches, and then using a projector to project the sketches on the canvas and depicting them accordingly, presenting what she considers the most perfect result, “depending I have been using computers and projectors for a long time, and I am less and less afraid to leave these tools, not only that, but it has also changed my way of life, so I have become very clean.” Xiao Zhufang said. After settling down and adjusting his pace, she regained the sense of touch through pottery, and the reappearance of brushstrokes made Xiao Zhufang’s paintings in recent years more interesting.