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Solo Exhibitions

  • 2009 Chen Junzhu Solo Exhibition Wedding Diary, New Paradise Art Space, 8/24-9/20
  • 2008 Chen Junzhu Solo Exhibition – Taking Children as Teachers, Jilin Art Gallery, Taipei, 9/6-9/18
  • 2006 Sketch of Heart Chen Jun’s solo exhibition of sketches and creations of Internet blogs, 2006/5-
  • 2005 Teaching, Creation, Media, Play – Chen Junzhu Teaching Media Creation Exhibition, Taipei, Jilin Art Gallery, 6/4-6/16
  • 2004 Paper Exhibition Not Home – Chen Junzhu 2004 Handmade Paper Art Creation Network Solo Exhibition, 2004/1-
  • 2003 Inside Outside, Vermont Art Center, USA, 8/16-22
  • 2003 Volume of Thinking – Chen Junzhu’s Handmade Paper Art Solo Exhibition, Taipei City, Fengjia Art Museum, 01/04-01/26
  • 2002 Private Documents – Chen Junzhu Handmade Paper Art Solo Exhibition, Taipei County, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taipei County Government 11/30-12/11
  • 2001 Ulterior Heart – Chen Junzhu Handmade Paper Art Solo Exhibition, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu Teachers College Exhibition Center 10/24-11/9
  • 2001 The basic test of a single quality — Chen Junzhu’s handmade paper art solo exhibition, Taipei, Taipei City Teachers College Art Museum 5/4-5/11
Joint Exhibition
  • 2008.8 Libido Event – The Eighth Joint Exhibition of New Paradise, New Paradise, Taipei
  • 2008.6 “48000 – New Paradise Art Space Collection Sponsorship Exhibition”, Xin Paradise, Taipei
  • 2008.5 Eternal Adult Game Factory, Kuandu Art Museum, Taipei (5/9-6/29)
  • 2008.5 Contemporary Female Art: Identity/Environmental Protection – Members of Taiwan Women’s Art Association Exhibition, Taichung Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Cultural Center, Taichung
  • 2008 40×40 Art Show, The Gallery at Willesden Green, London
  • 2008 Participated in the Nindityo Residential Creation Program of Tamsui International Artists Indonesia, Taipei County, Tamsui Art Neighborhood
  • 2008 Tamsui Chaoguan Art Square Art Market – Personal Booth Theme: Creative Handmade Soap, Taipei County, Tamsui Historical Museum
  • 2007 Art Battle Camp Achievement Exhibition, Taipei County, Huwei Fort, Tamsui Historic Site
  • 2007 Taipei County Artists Exhibition, Taipei County, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taipei County Government
  • 2006 The 1st Taipei Contemporary Ink Biennale, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
  • 2006 Traveling with Works – Joint Exhibition of Women’s Art Association, Nanhai Art Gallery, Taipei
  • 2005 Feminine View and Reappearance – Consciousness Awakening Art Exhibition, Taoyuan County, Yuan Ze University Art Center
  • 2004 Tamsui Art Festival Artists Group Exhibition, Taipei County, Wenqi Art Center, Tamkang University
  • 2003 The 11th International Printmaking and Drawing Biennale, Taichung City, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
  • 2001 Joint Exhibition of Ten Art Artists, Taipei City, Wenda Huagang Museum
  • 2001 Absolute Body – Feminine Consciousness Group Exhibition of Contemporary Taiwanese Art, Taipei, Megatrend Art Center
  • 2001 Kanagawa International Print Triennial, Japan, Kanagawa Art Museum
  • 2001 The 10th International Printmaking and Drawing Biennale, Taipei City, Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • 2001 Selected in the Mixed Media Category of the 2nd Holiday Market, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu Community and Education Center Joint Exhibition
  • 1997 Professor Wu Changpeng’s ten-person calligraphy and painting exhibition, Taipei, Jinpin Art Gallery


  • 2007 Jilin Elementary School Black Light Teaching Team (in charge of art design) won the Ministry of Education Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2006 Selected for the First Taipei Contemporary Ink Biennale New Talent Award
  • 2003 The 11th International Printmaking and Drawing Biennale
  • 2002 Selected for the Datun Award
  • 2001 Selected for the Kanagawa International Print Triennial, Japan
  • 2001 The 10th International Printmaking and Sketch Biennale won the award in the category of sketch
  • 2001 Selected for the Taipei County Art Exhibition Award
  • 2000 The third place in the graphic category of the Taiwan Fine Arts New Look Award (the work was collected by the museum)
  • 1999 Gold Jewelry Design Competition of Zhenjindian
  • 2000 The Basic Trial of Single Quality – Chen Junzhu’s Self-report of Handmade Paper Art Creation (Master’s Thesis)
  • 1998 Participated in FTV’s Super Variation – the work “Bread is Baked” was selected


  • 2003, the solo exhibition of the volume of thinking was awarded the exhibition subsidy of the National Foundation for Literature and Art
  • 2002 Vermont Studio Center Art Residency Full Scholarship
  • 2002 Creation grant from Shi’an Aesthetics Foundation


  • 2002 Creation grant from Shi’an Aesthetics Foundation
  • 2003/07/24/Chen Junzhu pushed open the door of art with one hand – handwritten paper first trial cry was invited to the “Vermont Art Center” in the United States 2003/01/3/Activity Kanban/Chen Junzhu Solo Exhibition (United Daily News 19th page) two residents in the village Month/Interview with reporter Huang Shuling/Taipei report (Liberty Times 17th edition)
  • 2002/12/10/Chen Jun held a solo exhibition of handwritten paper in Zhubei County (Guoyu Daily 15th edition)
  • 2002/12/7/Chen Junzhu’s Handwritten Paper Exhibition: Piece together the bits and pieces of life/Reporter Yin Tingwei/Banqiao Report (Liberty Times 19th edition)
  • 2002/12/5/Chen Junzhu writes a diary with handwritten paper/Reporter Sun Ronghua/Banqiao Report (United Daily News 19th edition)


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