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  • The current president of Daguan Painting Association
  • The Thirteenth and Fourteenth President of Taoyuan Chenfeng Contemporary Art
  • Member of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association
  • Member of Taiwan EZ Art Association
  • 2004, she entered the Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts for further study

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2020 Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall “As Time Goes” Solo Exhibition
  • 2019 Zhongli Art Museum “Time Is Long” Solo Exhibition
  • 2018 “Aria” Solo Exhibition, Arts Center, Hsinchu Campus, Chinese University of Science and Technology
  • 2018 Central University Library “The Years Are Like This” Solo Exhibition
  • 2017 “Corner, Encounter” Travel Sketch Solo Exhibition, Chengmeng Art Center, Airport Terminal 2
  • 2016-2017 Solo exhibition at the Arts and Culture Center, Hsinchu Campus, University of Science and Technology of China
  • 2015 Solo exhibition at Huanan Bank Art Center, Taipei
  • 2014 Solo Exhibition at Art Center, University of Science and Technology of China
  • 2014 “Picking up Light” solo exhibition at the Art Salon of the Mayor’s Residence in Taipei
  • 2007, 2008, 2010 Invitational Exhibition of Arts and Culture Performance Space, Area D, Terminal 2, Taoyuan International Airport
  • 005 Hsinchu Cultural Bureau “It’s Ordinary” Solo Exhibition
  • 2002 Solo Exhibition at Zhongli Dajiang Eslite Bookstore
  • 2001 “Collected Memories” Solo Exhibition at Ascension Golf Course Art Salon
  • 2001 Taoyuan Cultural Bureau Double Solo Exhibition

Joint Exhibition

  • 2018 Crazy International Art Fair World Trade Center Pavilion III exhibitors
  • 2017 Participate in Venice – Art. Life. Art – Invitational Exhibition of Albuzzi Palace
  • 2006 Changsha Poet Festival Sketching Exhibition
  • 2005 Osaka City Museum of Art, Japan IFA International Art Exhibition
  • 2003 Participated in the French Independent Salon “Dancing Mandala” and was selected
  • 1 Li Yuanheng teacher-student joint exhibition of Normal University
  • 2000 Art Taipei The 9th Taipei International Art Fair
  • 1999 Participated in Gallery Fair
  • Morning Wind Painting Club 14 times
  • Taoyuan Artists Association joint exhibition 3 times
  • Daguan Art Association joint exhibition 5 times
  • 2 joint exhibitions of the Chinese Arts and Style Painting Association
  • Three-person joint exhibition by the Taipei City Health Bureau