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陳譓婷 (丞雨)
  • National first-class calligrapher
  • National first-class artist
  • China Academy of Art’s Advanced Research Class on Characters specializes in the art of reading and painting


  • Ink, oil painting, acrylic (acrylic) multimedia
  • Under the tutelage of Master Chen Chaobao, a famous traveler in France
  • During this period, I learned from many famous teachers: Jin Yang, Xu Mo, Sheng Tiansong, Li Guinan, Zhu Zhigang
  • The original traceability painting uses “Chinese character writing” to explore the roots of oriental civilization, integrating seal script and oracle bone inscriptions!
  • The expression of the integration of philosophical thought and humanistic spirit in the creation of comprehensive media is the unique structural beauty of oriental civilization

Visual Form

My works have the spiritual expression and interest of the lines in oriental ink painting, blended with multi-media materials, and use the artistic concept in the warm and colorful colors to pursue the whimsical world in my heart, present the unique beauty and agility of women, and at the same time endow it with humanistic feelings.

Hope that art can heal oneself and benefit all beings

  • 2013 The 3rd Guandi Ode to Famous Calligraphers and Paintings from Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait
  • 2013 East Asia International Art Exhibition
  • 2014 The 1st Taiwan Cup Calligraphy Competition Exhibition
  • 2014 Taiwan and Fujian Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition across the Taiwan Strait
  • 2014 East Asia International Art Exhibition
  • 2015 Higher Normal University Taiwan Haifeng Academy of Painting and Calligraphy Artists Group Exhibition
  • 2015-2019 East Asia International Art Exhibition
  • 2016 Macau Loves China, Gathering Famous Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Macau, Taiwan, Taiwan and Four Regions
  • 2018 International Oil Painting Famous Artists Art Exhibition Jiangxi Weekend Yingtan Global Tourism and Cultural Season
  • 2018 Chinese and Foreign Oil Painting and Sketching Art Exhibition Impression Wenchangli
  • 2019 Bologna City Hall, Italy Taiwan Art and Culture Exhibition
  • 2019 Shanghai Chongtai Two Islands Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition Flowers and birds meet with pen and ink to express love
  • 2019 The 3rd Taipei Gadang Cultural Festival Invitational Exhibition of Famous Artists from Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait
  • 2019 International Contemporary Women Artists Biennale Online Exhibition Phase II
    International Culture Art Fair (ICAF) 2020 Asia Art Exhibition
  • 2020 International Figurative Abstraction (Special) Exhibition
  • 2020 Taiwan Art Fair
    Taiwan Contemporary 66 Artists Group Exhibition
  • 2020 “PuAi” Anti-epidemic Visual Exhibition Shaoyang Art Institute
  • 2020 Shanghai Urban Art Fair is looking for “Looking for Zhang Ailing’s 100th Anniversary Exhibition”
  • 2020 Taiwan International Calligraphy and Color Ink Painting Exhibition
  • 2021 “So many beautiful mountains and rivers” Exhibition of Shandong Taishan Artworks Co-painted by Artists from Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait
  • 2022 Chinese Contemporary Female Artists Invitational Exhibition

Composite media, Spring Festival paper
140 x 75 cm

Composite media
140 x 75 cm

Composite media
140 x 75 cm