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In 1968, she received a Bachelor of Arts from National Chengchi University in Taiwan, and in 1990, she received a Master of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in New York. She lived and worked in New York for a long time. Determined to devote himself to creation in her middle age, she went to New York alone to study, and started her creative career in the era and atmosphere of abstract painting. She returned to Taiwan to settle down in 2020.

Jenny Chen, with chic, smooth and vivid abstract paintings, has created a representative personal style. For her, music is inseparable from creation, and musical elements make the picture full of rhythm and flow. Long-term dance training obtains creative inspiration from the moving state of nature through a high degree of mastery of the body. Through abstract painting, delicately records the changes of every moment, so that colors can automatically flow and stack on the canvas, creating a charming texture and thickness.

The artist is good at using Western art vocabulary to bring out the close relationship between her style and Chinese painting, from constantly ruminating on the bits and pieces of life to doing whatever she wants so far. Pursue a change in the creative spirit, and try to reflect the inner feelings to the real outer world with multiple media forms.

Since 1987, she has exhibited in institutions and private galleries such as Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kuandu Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Lincoln Center in New York, USA, Galerie Internationale de Paris, France, Grand Palace, Seoul, South Korea, and other institutions and private galleries. Her works have been collected by Pratt Institute, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, etc. In 2009, she was invited to the International Incheon Women’s Biennale in South Korea, and to the Shenzhen International Ink and Wash Biennale in China in 2010. In the past ten years, the exhibitions have been held in New York, Taiwan and China.