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Born in Tainan, she studied in the Art Department of Montgomery College in the United States in 1985. She graduated from the School of Management of National Sun Yat-Sen University with a master’s degree in 2009. She studied in the Fine Arts Department of National Higher Normal University in 2019. In 2020, she entered the doctoral program of the Adult Education Institute of Higher Normal University. Personal works are mainly imagery and lyrical. The theme is the relationship between people and me and the impermanence of the world. The paintings express thoughts and feelings through objects. In addition to art creation and art administration, there are expectations on how to use art to intervene in the growth and learning of women and adults. In addition to painting, sculpture, music, dancing, tennis, and photography, my personal hobbies are travel and coffee.

Participated in the 1999.06 Twentieth Century Asian Pacific Art Exposition, U.S.A. (Excellence Award for the Asia-Pacific Art Exhibition at the End of the 20th Century in the United States), 1999.07 Nana Museum Art Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan (selected by the Amanohashidate Art Museum in Japan), 1999.10 47th Tainan Art Research Exhibition (No. Selected in the 47th South American Exhibition), 2000.04 International Exhibition Art Mirai, Tokyo, Japan (selected in the 5th International Art Future Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan in 2000), etc.

  • 2022/04 Nanfengying-Nanfeng Creation Invitational Exhibition Lighting 19 Art Space
  • 2021/11 Forum Published at Higher Normal University: Futuristic Art Education for Adults with Technology Integration
  • 2021/03 “Infinite Moments” Contemporary Women’s Art Exhibition Chengda Art Square
  • 2019/10 “Between People and Me” Friendship Association of Department of Fine Arts, Higher Normal University Kaohsiung City Cultural Center Supreme Hall
  • 2019/01 “Exhibition of Art” – Nanfeng Oil Painting Association Kaohsiung Cultural Center Joint Exhibition
  • 2018/07 Gaoshi Art Association Cultural Center Member Exhibition
  • 2018/01 Members’ joint exhibition of “Nanguo Jiahua” in the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
  • 2017/08 女性藝術家聯展
  • 2017/06 “The Age of Fracture” TPCEA Joint Exhibition
  • 2017/05 Member of Kaohsiung Fine Arts Association and Asian Art Exchange Joint Exhibition
  • 2016/11 “Be Strong Without Desires” International Female Artists Creation Exhibition
  • 2016/10 “New Art and New Voice” Visual Art Exchange Exhibition
  • 2016/05 “Dancing on the Deep Sea” Taiwan Women’s Art Association Theme Exhibition
  • 2016/04 “Cross Domain” Solo Exhibition
  • 2015/05 Women’s Appearance-Starting from Self-Gaze” Women’s Art Club Joint Exhibition

60 x 60 cm

Composite media
513 x 42 cm