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Qiyi Wu


Graduated from the Department of Plastic Arts at the Versailles Academy of Arts in Paris, and stayed in France for seven years. In 1998, his solo exhibition “Interior Series” won the National Art Association Art Exhibition Subsidy Award. In 2001, his solo exhibition “Butterfly Shadow” won the National Art Association Art Creation Subsidy Award. “Fascination”” was selected for CO2 Taiwan Avant-Garde Documents Exhibition. In 2004, it was included in “Taiwan Contemporary Art and Literature Talent Database” by the Cultural Council. Secret Talk” was selected for the “Taishin Art Award Visual Art Category – Observation Forum”. 2008 Taipei, Shanghai Art Fair, 2012 Young Art Taipei – Taipei International Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition. 2013 “Clothing Room” fiber experimental creation solo exhibition, “Wonderful” Wu Yanyi’s first clothing show solo exhibition was held at the Taiwan Museum of History, and the work “Paper Ball under Still Shadow” was approved by the Ministry of Culture – Gome Museum – Art Bank Program acquisition. Currently working as a full-time assistant professor in the Department of Textiles and Clothing of Fu Jen Catholic University.

Club Experience

  • 2012 The eighth vice-chairman of the Taiwan Women Artists Association
  • 2013 Director of Taiwan Today Painting Association
  • 2010 The seventh director of the Taiwan Women Artists Association

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2013 Taipei New Paradise Art Space – “The Clothes Room” Fiber Experiment Creation Solo Exhibition
  • 2013 National Taiwan Museum – “Fantasy” Wu Yanyi’s clothing show solo exhibition
  • 2011 Taipei New Paradise Art Space, installation work “Whispering: Act 1 “I hope she…””
  • 010 Taichung A7958 Contemporary Art – “Wu Yanyi Video Creation Solo Exhibition”
  • 2008 Taipei Yunqing Art Center – “Wu Yanyi Solo Exhibition”
  • 2008 Taipei County Government – ​​Banqiao County Government Art Gallery – “Virtual Quiet Place”
  • 2007 Taipei American School F4 Gallery – “Virtual Quiet Place”
  • 007 Taipei National Cultural Association – “Virtual Quiet Place”
  • 2007 Invitational Exhibition of Yizhan Humanistic Space of Hsinchu Industrial Technology Research Institute – “Light Burning-Wu Yanyi Works Exhibition”
  • 2005 Chiayi Railway Art and Culture Space Three-person Creation Exhibition – “Private Foot·Secret Talk”
  • 2002 Solo Exhibition at Tainan Vatican Art Center – “Butterfly Shadow”
  • 1998 Solo Exhibition at Zhongming Gallery, Taipei – “Indoor Series”
  • 1996 Easel Space in Versailles, Paris – “Indoor Series”

Joint Exhibition

  • 2013 Hong Kong Week 2013 – “Women’s Cheongsam Fashion Show”, organized by the Hong Kong Museum of History and the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute, exhibited at 6/F of Taiwan Eslite Bookstore Xinyi Store, Taipei
  • 2013 National Taiwan Museum – “The Era of Banners: Yiren, Clothing, New Fashion”
  • 2013 Kaohsiung City Government Women’s Hall – “2013 Kaohsiung International Female Artists Invitational Exhibition”
  • 2013 WAAhouse-”Nuwa‧Dadi WAALAND-Female Artists Group Exhibition”
  • 2012 “Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition – Hong Kong 2012” 10/04-10/07, R1215, Grand Hyatt Hotel Wanchai, Hong Kong, New Paradise Art Group
  • 2012 “The New Paradise is Strange” – Taipei New Paradise Art Space Planning Exhibition
  • 2012 “The 2nd T-Art Taichung Gallery Art Fair”, Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung, 3rd & 5th Floor, Yunqing Art Center, Taipei
  • 2012 Taipei Art Gallery – “Taipei Art Creators Professional Union 2012 Annual Performance (1) Action II – Tapestry of Consciousness”
  • 2012 “Young Art Taipei-Taipei International Contemporary Art Fair”, Sheraton Hotel R912, Yayi Art Center, Taipei
  • 2012 Taipei Yayi Art Center – “Flower Face·Four Colors”
  • 2011 New Taipei City Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Art Space, Hushui Yifang “Hundreds of Genders”
  • 2011 Taipei Taiwan Women’s Art Association Yixiang Space – “Check Someone’s Home – Female Artists Home Opening Exhibition”
  • 2011 Taipei New Paradise Art Space Planning Exhibition – “Tense Practice”
  • 2011 National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei City (07/13~07/21) – “Le Salon du jour” art exhibition tour
  • 2010 Taichung TADA “Art Imagination – See U Next 10” – 2010 Vision Artists Fair
  • 2010 Taipei New Paradise Ninth Joint Exhibition “Jiujiu Magical Art – Criticism of Art and Shenghua”
  • 2010 Joint Exhibition in the Preparatory Hall of Taiwan Museum of Photography – “Fighting Array”
  • 2010 “Young Art Taipei – Taipei International Contemporary Art Fair”, Dynasty Hotel 9F Booth Room 993
  • 2011 Taipei Yunqing Art Center –<Contemporary Photography Collection Exhibition>
  • 2009 Mengzi Museum, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan, China -<Honghe Qiyi Contemporary Art Exhibition>
  • 2009 Taipei Jilin Art Gallery -<2009 Taiwan Women’s Art Association Joint Exhibition>
  • 2009 Taipei Xinyi Community Hall -<Video! 2009 Taiwan Photography BAZAAR>
  • 2009 Taipei Angel Art Museum -<Flower Life Craft Exhibition>
  • 2008 Taichung A7958 Contemporary Art Gallery Opening Invitational Exhibition – <Tinder>
  • 2008 Shanghai Art Fair – Taipei Yunqing Art Center
  • 2008 Taipei Art Fair – Taipei Yunqing Art Center

Program Host

  • 2013 “Score Talk and Scoring Space – New Paradise 20 Years of Oral History Research and Alternative Space Turning Evaluation” survey research project, project host. Implementation period: from October 01, 2010 to September 30, 2013
  • 2010 Incorporated Textile Industry Research Institute – “Towel Drawing Technology and Development”, project host. Implementation period: from June 01, 1999 to December 31, 1999
  • 2010 Textile Industry Comprehensive Research Institute-“Industrial Fashion Exhibition”, plan host, execution period: from April 01, 1999 to December 31, 1999