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Shen-Fang Chou


Born in Taipei, Taiwan, visual art creation uses photography, video, painting, composite media, and body behavior as the main medium of form. Through art, he immerses himself in the exploration of personal spiritual journeys, thinking about the relationship between his own choices, production, and the world. Connection; how does the world shape a person? How do individuals construct the world? Existence and nothingness, appearance and spirit, reality and fantasy, seek the meaning and subjectivity of a certain kind of human existence in the category anchored by relative duality dimensions, and in the gap of incomprehensible chaos, and interweave the selected symbols into a The poetic visual space that can be perceived makes it possible for the soul to leave traces in the world after the body of “this moment” is shattered.


  • 2020-National Taiwan University of Arts, Master of Fine Arts Department|Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2016-2019 Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts|Taipei, Taiwan


  • 2022 “Calling / Boundless” Zhou Shenfang Solo Exhibition|M Gallery / M Gallery|Solo Exhibition
  • 2021 Life before the Doomsday|Taipei Broadcasting Bureau Banqiao Broadcasting Station Factory B, Garage Building|Group Exhibition
  • 2020 “109th National Art Exhibition” Photography Category|National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts|Selected
  • 2019 National Taiwan University of Arts Department of Fine Arts 2019 Teachers and Students Art Exhibition First Prize in Multimedia Materials|Group Exhibition
  • 2019 Flower Arrangement – Flower art Creation Exhibition|Yitong Park|Group Exhibition
  • 2018 IPA Non-Professional: Fine Art, Collage Honorable Mention
  • 2018 PX3 Bronze /Fine Art / Collage‧Voyeur Of Mythology

Digital image
100 x 85.5 cm

Digital image
90 x 60 cm

Digital image
30 x 45 cm

Video device
6min 6sec