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2000 Graduated from Institute of Applied Art, National Tainan Academy of Arts

Yili Yeh’s action art combines elements of video, occasional, role-playing and performance to create a unique vocabulary of action and leave a record of action through video and photography. The work seems nonsensical and has a Dadaist spoof, but it tries to explore issues related to globalization, capitalism, information society and consumer culture under the appearance of subcultural phenomena. At the same time, it also highlights contemporary society through artistic actions. The phenomenon of interpersonal alienation in middle school, discussing the paradoxical interpersonal interaction.

The work uses a narrative but vague structure to tell stories that are disconnected and disconnected. The story is in an ambiguous state where it is clear but not clear. The story situation is always between the real and the unreal, telling the powerless resistance to the environmental space and the passage of time. Through the transformation of her body into different roles, in a civilized city or in the leisurely nature, through the art form of on-site performance, she is like the primitive instinct of a child playing, and then presents her works in video art or interactive installations.
By ridiculing one’s own experience, it is internalized into a relaxed playfulness. There are often characters in fairy tales in the works. These characters are like the prototypes from adults to young children. Raw instinctive response creation. The works combine the elements of video, occasional and performance to create a unique vocabulary of action.

In Yili Yeh’s creation, the lack of fixed logical norms is her logic. She believes that in the past learning process, there are only shape and color training, but the development of various possibilities is often neglected.