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Reflecting on life experience, using traditional classic works as a medium of conversion, expressing ancient classic themes with contemporary techniques, and then igniting a performance that is unexpected to the viewers. The overall work is based on the imagery of “love, harmony, present, past, and future time”. The creator uses popular language with his passion for actively engaging in the world, and shows his personal concern for the current social environment in the work.

A real artist will not be satisfied with just tracing the external image of things. Such a work, no matter how detailed and “like” the painting is, it is the work of a craftsman who lacks soul. When an artist depicts the image of things, he always has his own deeper connotations. Regardless of realism or deformation, concreteness or abstraction, the shape under the artist’s brush or plastic knife is no longer the objective image as the object of depiction, but the artist’s subjective “re-creation” of the object, incorporating the artist’s own thoughts, emotions and temperature.

  • Born in Taichung, Taiwan
  • Graduated from the Western Painting Group of the Institute of Fine Arts, Tunghai University

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2014 Taichung Baojing Construction Fuchun Pile Hall (Magic Landscape)
  • 2014 Millennium Hotel Taichung
  • 2014 Prince Edward Construction Qingfengjing Hotel (gradient)
  • 2014 Zhongyou Department Store (Complete)
  • 2014 Taipei International Art Fair (The Origin of Life)
  • 2013 Fantasy Landscape Taichung 7958, 2012
    “The Beginning of Man Series II” Liao Yingxi Sculpture Exhibition Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Taipei
  • 2012 Xiamen Yongnian Development Hall (unlimited)
  • 2012 “Adam and Eve” A-7958Gallery Taichung
    “Adam, Eve and Peach Garden” Double Solo Exhibition
  • 2012 Zhongyou Department Store Fashion Gallery Taichung
  • 2011 “The World After Adam and Eve Encounter” Dadun Art Gallery Taichung Cultural Center
  • 2011 “Here I Come” T-art Hotel Art Fair Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung
  • 2011 “The Beginning of Man” Barbizon Gallery
  • 2010 “Art Turnaround Series (1)” Warehouse No. 20 Taichung
  • 2009 “Wet Paradise” A-7958Gallery Taichung
    “Nightclub Affair” A-7958Gallery Taichung
  • 2008 “Magnetism • Symbiosis. K5225 file no: 1” 3-person solo exhibition National Cultural Association Taipei

Important Joint Exhibitions

  • 2015 Taipei New Art Fair (Blooming) String Art
  • 2014 Shanghai Museum of Beauty, Taipei Shanghai Contemporary Exhibition
  • 2014 Golden Gate, Asia International Art Exhibition
  • 2014 Wood Sculpture Museum
  • 2014 Taipei Art Fair (Gradient) String Art
  • 2014 Lukang Osmanthus Alley Artist in Residence
  • 2013 Guangzhou Art Fair
  • 2013 Guangzhou Asian Sculpture Exhibition
  • 2013 Ishinomaki Artist-in-Residence in Japan
  • 2013 Taipei New York New York String Art
  • 2013 Penghu Qingwan Art Season Resident Artist
  • 2013 Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei is modernized
  • 2013 Taipei Architecture Space, a 50-year relay exhibition after the war
  • 2013 “101 Years National Art Exhibition” National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Taichung
  • 2013 “Fujian-Shanxi Cultural Exchange Exhibition” Fujian, Shanxi
  • 2012 Korea “Asian Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition” Seoul
  • 2012 “ARTTAIPEI” Taipei International Art Fair” Taipei World Trade Center
  • 2012 “T-ARTinTaichung Taichung Art Fair” Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung
  • 2012 “City of Love – Where is the Heart?” Urban Art Studio Tainan City Government Cultural Bureau
  • 2012 “Thinking across the Taiwan Strait, Contemporary Dialogue – Dialogue” A-7958Gallery Taichung
    “Cross-Strait Thinking, Contemporary Dialogue – Taiwan Chapter” A-7958Gallery Taichung
    “ARTTAINAN Fucheng Hotel Expo” Dayi Landis Hotel Tainan
  • 2012 South Korea “The 26th Asian International Art Exhibition” Seoul, South Korea
  • 2012 “Cross-Strait Contemporary (and in China)” Xi’an, Beijing
  • 2011 Japan “Four Cities Modern Sculpture Exchange Conference” Fukuoka Asia Art Museum
  • 2011 “ARTTAIPEI2 Taipei International Art Fair” Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1
  • 2011 “Taiwanese Color Correspondence (Jiangxi)” The 2nd Art Gallery Expo Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Ximen
  • 2011 “Praise of Spring” Cross-strait Contemporary Exchange Invitational Exhibition Quanzhou
  • 2010 “Taichung Distillery Artists Expo”
  • 2010 “Great Beauty Without Words” 3-person joint booth in the booth
  • 2009 “Fujian-Taiwan Crossing” Cross-Strait Contemporary Exchange Invitational Exhibition
  • 2009 “China Red River” Cross-strait Contemporary Exchange Invitational Exhibition
  • 2008 “Gallery – Contemporary Art Trends Group Exhibition” A-7958Gallery Taichung
  • 2006 Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
  • 2005 Cross-Strait Exchange in Guilin, Guangxi


  • 2015, Fujian Sculpture Exhibition Art Xiamen: Bronze Medal – Goddess of Victory
  • 2015, National Art Exhibition Sculpture Category: Selected – Snuggle
  • 2014, National Art Exhibition Sculpture Category: Gold Medal – Hope
  • 2013, National Art Exhibition Sculpture Category: Gold Medal – Sunny and cloudy with occasional showers
  • 2012, National Art Exhibition Sculpture Category: Selected – You are my everything
  • 2012, Cross-Strait Cultural and Creative Art Fair, Cultural Creativity: Bronze Medal Award