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Professor Ying-Ying Chien graduated from the Foreign Languages ​​Department of National Taiwan University, a master’s degree in English and American literature from Rutgers University (Rutgers U), and a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Illinois (UIUC). Sh used to teach in the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of National Taiwan University, the Department of Comparative Literature/Women Studies of Pennsylvania State University (PSU), the professor and director of the Institute of Comparative Literature of Fu Jen Catholic University, the director of the Women’s Culture Research Office, the European and American Institute of Academia Sinica and the UCLA Transnational Research Center Visiting scholar, currently a professor at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University. Specialties include feminism and gender studies, comparative culture between China and the West, visual and cross-art studies, Chinese literature and film, etc.

Professor Chien used to be a consultant for women’s studies in the Pacific Rim, a director and supervisor of the Women’s Association, and is currently an executive director of the Women’s Arts Association; she has published domestic and foreign journal papers and special books and won many awards: such as the National Science Council Academic Research Achievement Award, the National Literary Foundation Publishing Award, National Taiwan Museum of Literature Publishing Award, etc. Served as editor-in-chief of “Comparative Literature and Culture” and “Chinese Language Teaching” series, editor-in-chief and editorial member of “Chinese and Foreign Literature” and “Museum and Culture” special issues; and curated “Shi Shuqing International Academic Symposium and Special Exhibition of Manuscripts” (Taiwan National Normal University & Taiwan Literature Museum), as the curator of “Spiritual Reappearance-Taiwan Contemporary Women’s Art Exhibition” (Gaomei Museum) and “They-Gaze ​​and Dialogue” (Juming Museum of Art).

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
WE/WOMEN – From Prehistory to HERstory
2022.06.25 – 09.21
National Museum of Prehistory