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Yu-Chin Wang was born in Hsinchu City, married and had one daughter. She started creating vagina models in 2012. She is the first female vagina model artist in China. She calls herself a midwife in the art world because I gave birth to a beautiful artwork indirectly from a woman’s legs. It is a vagina model, a woman opening your legs is not for men or for having children, but for yourself. It is to let yourself be brave enough to know your own genitals. She uses mold materials to let women understand the structure of their genitals. Everyone has the right to explore their own body and sexual organs. It is unique that every woman’s genitals are different, just like people’s faces are different, the structure of the genitals will also change with age, and the female genitals model can be extended to discuss women-related issues.

  • 2021 Taiwan Women’s Art Association, Tainan “Infinite Shunjian” joint exhibition
  • 2018 Miaoli County Zhunan Solo Exhibition “Entrance and Exit of Life” Female genital model art exhibition
  • 2015 Kaohsiung “Body Crossover Experiment” joint exhibition and Taiwan’s first public female genital remake, I will remake the model for performance artist Ruan Renzhu
  • 2014 Kaohsiung <Cross-Boundary Naked Joint Exhibition> Currently a member of the Taiwan Women’s Arts Association
  • Participated in the joint exhibition of “Miaoli Zhonggangxi Art Association” in 2012

Epoxy resin, dried flower, non-woven fabric
21 x 31 cm


《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
We/Women’s Island Song
2022.06.25 – 09.12
National Taitung Living Art Center