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[Taiwan Women’s Art Association] Joint signature support
Art Is Not Dyed: Visual Art Implementation of Gender Equality and Public Accountability Mechanism Initiative

[Taiwan Women’s Art Association] Joint signature support Art is not dyed: visual art implementation of gender equality and public accountability mechanism initiative [Taiwan Women’s Art Association] Response to “Art Is Not Dyed: Visual Art Implementation of Gender Equality and Public Accountability Mechanism Initiative”. Including the joint signatures of associations and many individual members, with specific actions to support the call for the initiative statement:

The Legislative Yuan will hold an interim meeting before the end of July to discuss the revision of the Sexual Equality Law. We hereby call for:
1. It is recommended that art and cultural institutions adopt a “zero tolerance policy” for sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, and add sexual equality clauses to subsidies, awards, and employment contracts.
2. Small and medium art institutions employing less than 30 people should allow art workers to obtain corresponding protection.
3. Cultural institutions and art universities should improve the gender equality complaint procedures, with the spirit of victim protection and interests first, in addition to establishing a comprehensive support system for psychological counseling and legal assistance for victims, they should also uphold the Be fair and transparent, and avoid the composition of sex equality committees being mere formalities.
We call on everyone who cares about visual arts and culture to sign the statement! It is recommended that arts and cultural organizations add sexual equality clauses in subsidies, awards, and employment contracts, and adopt a “zero tolerance policy” for related matters, that is to say, all government agencies’ awards and subsidy programs are against the perpetrators of sexual equality incidents. Suspend, terminate, roll back, reject, and even sue, and work together to create a safer work environment. Regardless of whether we are art creators or art workers, we have the responsibility to improve the entire environment, and no one is an outsider.

[Taiwan Women’s Art Association, TWAA] was founded on January 23, 2000. It is a national art group. For 23 years, it has been committed to researching and organizing Taiwan women’s art historical materials and exhibition planning, and assisting women’s art work It is a platform for investors to integrate various resources, and actively improve the overall environment for gender differences in the art world. There are more than 270 members, including outstanding workers in professional fields such as art creation, administration, curation, criticism, research, education and galleries.

Taiwan Women’s Art Association
The Thirteenth Chairman Wang Yuling, 2023.07.07

#藝術不染色 #artdoesnotdye
#性別平等 #genderequality
#公眾課責 #publicresponsibility

“Art Doesn’t Color: A Proposal to Implement Gender Equality and Public Accountability Mechanism in Visual Arts”

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