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Born and raised in Longtan, Taoyuan. After graduating from the Department of Applied Fine Arts of Fu Jen Catholic University, she engaged in graphic design. Because she married Puyuma artist Yiming, she has lived in Zhiben, Taitung for more than 20 years, and has been working full-time on painting, composite media installations and tile mosaics. Created close to the ground, she is extremely sensitive to the environment and humanities, and her works are rich and delicate. Aichin is the most unrestrained and sincere living artist. The home of her and Yiming located on the hillside of Zhiben is a living embodiment of the natural intertwining of Taitung’s mountains and seas and rich and diverse ethnic cultures, just as her creations soothe and It has inspired countless souls thirsting for beauty.

  • 2020 Taitung Art Museum “Boundary Dulan~Imagination and Practice” joint exhibition
  • 2018 Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art “Song of Restoring the Land” Joint Exhibition
  • 2017 Taipei 228 Memorial Park “Restore – Land Song” joint exhibition work “Mark. Paying off”
  • 2017 Hualien Shitiping Wetland Art Festival work “Net Hole Capture”
  • 2016 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts “Dulan Impression” joint exhibition
  • 2015 Huadong Life Original Festival “Ba Dao Xi” joint exhibition
  • 2014 National Taitung Life Aesthetics Museum “Between Sunny Rain and Fog-Existence Aesthetics Special Exhibition on the East Coast of the Island”
  • 2013 Shanghai Biennale Special Project – Huadong Coast Contemporary Art Joint Exhibition Works Island Basin Series “How is Taiwan/Everyone”
  • 2011 Kaohsiung Container Art Festival collective creation “Don’t Say Goodbye East Coast”
  • 2002 Taitung Jinzun “Tribe of Consciousness” spontaneous collective life creation for 3 months

Oil paint on canvas
69 x 114 x 4 cm

Longtan hometown red clay, cotton cloth, cotton thread, acrylic paint

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
THE BOUNDARY NARRATIVE OF WE/WOMEN – Continuity, Flow, Convergence
2022.06.25 – 09.04
Taitung Art Museum