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En-Man Chang was born in Taitung and lives and works in Taipei. She works between video, sculpture and project creation. She is half of Taiwan’s aborigines from her mother, and she has long been concerned about how Taiwan’s aborigines coordinate and deal with their own status among culture, society and basic existence in the irreversible modernization process. On this basis, we will explore the missing history and extrapolate the appearance of the outline painting world, hoping to discover the power that art can transform. She has held solo exhibitions in Taipei (2012), Vancouver (2016), Los Angeles (2017), and participated in Thailand (2014), Milan (2015), Auckland (2016), Poland (2017), Hong Kong (2020), etc. Her works have also appeared in Taipei Biennale (2014), Taiwan Biennale (2018), Istanbul Biennale (2019), Centre Pompidou COSMOPOLIS#2 (2019), Singapore Biennale (2019), Kathmandu Triennial and Documenta Kassel (2022).

21min 45s

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
THE BOUNDARY NARRATIVE OF WE/WOMEN – Continuity, Flow, Convergence
2022.06.25 – 09.04
Taitung Art Museum