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Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Taipei University of the Arts, and studied at the University of California in the United States, and then lived in the United Kingdom. Selected in the Hamburg International Art Season Art Exhibition in Germany and the George Orwell Memorial Day Invitational Exhibition in London, and created in the European, American and Asian art villages. Won the 2008 British National Art Exhibition Selection, the 2011 Free People Foundation Asian Artist Award, and the 2012 Self A Creative Competition 100 Outstanding Artist Award held by the NYC Artists Wanted Organization. In 2014 and 2015, he was awarded the International Exchange Exhibition subsidized by the National Art Association and the Ministry of Culture. In 2018, the New Zealand Fiber Art Exhibition was selected. In 2019, he and the artist Tiffany Singh won the International Artist Cooperation Award of the New Zealand Ministry of Culture. The work explores money, status, and lust that flows through the Internet. Reconsider the convenience and constraints brought by technology, and the risks of both advantages and disadvantages. Create works in dialogue with social issues, expressing fear and desire for love in the heart.

Composite media installation
Dimensions vary by venue

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
THE BOUNDARY NARRATIVE OF WE/WOMEN – Continuity, Flow, Convergence
2022.06.25 – 09.04
Taitung Art Museum