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  • Master of Visual Communication Design, Kunshan University of Science and Technology
  • On the Road Video Space Art Director
  • 2022 “This end. The Other Side” Zhou Zhenjun Video Index, 102 Contemporary Art Space
  • 2021 “The other end of the red line” Zhou Zhenjun’s archival video creation, On The Road video space
  • 2018 “Moving Reality” Video Double Solo Exhibition – “I Wasn’t There. I used to exist” Zhou Zhenjun Creation Exhibition, Kaohsiung Museum of Art
  • 2017 “Exist. Mandala” Zhou Zhenjun Video Solo Exhibition, Habia Coffee Art Space
  • 2014 “Memories. Legend” Zhou Zhenjun Video Solo Exhibition, Kaohsiung Cultural Center
  • 2012 “Reminiscence” Zhou Zhenjun Video Solo Exhibition, Pingtung Cultural Center
  • 2010 “I think. I Photograph” Zhou Zhenjun Photography Solo Exhibition, Nanxing Art Gallery, Cihui Art Gallery

Giclee (art micro-spray)
91.44 x 61.1 cm

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
Blossom Everywhere
2022.06.25 – 09.04
Fourteen art and cultural spaces in Taitung