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Pey-Chwen Lin was born in Pingtung County, Taiwan in 1959. Her current studio is in Kaohsiung/Taipei. She has devoted herself to contemporary art for more than 30 years, such as women’s art, installation art, and digital art creation. In 1996, he received a Ph.D. in Art Creation from the National University of Wollongong, Australia. She was a professor and director of the Institute of Multimedia Animation Art at the National Taiwan University of Arts, a chair professor at the University of Science and Technology of China and the dean of the School of Planning and Design. She is currently the host of “Lin Peichun Digital Art Laboratory”, Director of the Taiwan Institute of Science and Technology and Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Women’s Arts Association. Won the ZTE Literature and Art Medal, the Public Art Award of the Ministry of Culture, the German Red Dot Award, one of the best Asian artists on the international Picasso Mio website, the Platinum Award in the “Art Project” category of the “2020 Women’s Art” International Exhibition of the Italian PPLG Contemporary Art and Cultural Organization, Honors such as permanent residence for outstanding art talents in Australia, flexible salary for special outstanding talents from the Ministry of Education, etc. The works were listed as the 2012 focus works of “Taiwan Contemporary Art Guide – Artist Magazine 40 Years Edition”, a column report on the Ignite Global Women’s Museum in the United States, an exclusive interview with the international digital art database ADA, and a column research on “Pripheral ARTeries Biennial”, etc. In 2019, he won the first prize of the “Lorenzo Prize” in the “New Media Art Category” of the Florence Biennale in Italy.

Returned from the United States in 1989, held her first exhibition at the “American Cultural Center”, and was invited to join the “Apartment No. 2” contemporary art group. In 1998, she published the first Taiwanese women’s art book “On Women’s Art”, and founded the “Taiwan Women’s Art Association” with important female artists, becoming one of the important promoters of Taiwan’s women’s art. Since 2010, she has promoted the research and series of exhibitions on digital art in Taiwan, and published the first book on digital art in Taiwan, “Taiwan Digital Art e-File”, host, art award review committee and museum collection committee, etc. Works exhibited in important art exhibitions at home and abroad, such as Italy Florence Biennale, Taipei Biennale, Taiwan Biennale, Poland International Media Biennale, France Exit and Via Art Festival, 404 International Science and Technology Art Festival , Italian Female Art Art Woman 2020 International Exhibition, Venice Biennale Parallel Exhibition, Portugal Douro International Print Biennale, 40 Years of Taiwan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Asian Contemporary Women Art Exhibition, Singapore International Art Fair, Basel Art Fair Parallel Exhibition, Taipei Art Fair, Taichung Art Fair, etc.

Works exhibited in important art institutions at home and abroad

Her works have been exhibited in more than 150 important art exhibitions and art institutions at home and abroad, such as Queens Museum of Art in New York, CUNY/QCC Art Museum in New York, Godwin-Ternbach Art Museum in New York, Art Foundation in New York, Tenri Art Space in New York, JCAL Art in New York Space, Art Museum of American University in Washington, USA, Art Museum of San Francisco State University, USA, Platforma Contemporary Art Space in Moscow, National Art Museum in Lviv, Ukraine, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, A Zitnjak Space in Croatia, Slovenia Center for Contemporary Art (SCCA) , Berlin Rosalux Art Space, Poland WRO Art Center, Shanghai Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai Museum of Modern Art, Beijing 798 Art Village, Chongqing 501 Museum of Contemporary Art, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Tainan Museum of Fine Arts , Taoyuan Museum of Art, Taitung County Museum of Art, Kuandu Art Museum, Fengjia Art Museum, Beishi Art Museum, Youzhang Art Museum, Taipei Digital Art Center, National Taiwan Art Education Center, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Center, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei International Art Village, National Tsinghua University Art Center, National Central University Art Center, Gaoyuan University of Science and Technology Art Center, Hsinchu Teachers College Art Center, Taoyuan Cultural Center, Chiayi Cultural Center and important private art spaces such as Elephant Art Space Museum, BBArt, Xinyuan Art, Yitong Park, Li Gallery, Taipei Jia Gallery, Dimens Art Center, Zhenpin Art Center, Very Temple Art Space, Arpu Gallery, etc.

Works included in important art books

“British Women’s Art Aesthetics Journal n.paradoxa”, “East Asian Culture Period”, “Taiwan Contemporary Women’s Art History”, “Taiwan Contemporary Art Guide”, “Taiwan Contemporary Installation Art”, “Taiwan Contemporary Art”, “Taiwan Contemporary Art” Department of Fine Arts”, “Introduction to Digital Art”, “High School Art and Technology Textbook”, “Taiwan Art History”, “Digital Aesthetics”, “High School Art Textbook”, “Who’s Who in Contemporary Art in Taiwan”, “Outline of Taiwan Art History” , “Taiwan Art Research Lecture Notes”, “Introduction to Art”, “Taiwan Digital Art e-File”, “Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook”, “Art, Gender and Education—Life Images of Six Female Sowers” and other books have also been published. Included in well-known international network databases, such as “International Academic Education Network”, “International Digital Art Database Archive of Digital Art”, “Asian Art Database Asia Art Archive”, “Taiwan Digital Art Network Digiart”, “Fei Chi Zhong Art Network Artemperor Taiwan”, “Taiwan Contemporary Art Database Taiwan Contemporary Art”, etc. The work was also listed as the 2012 focus works of “Taiwan Contemporary Art Guide – Artist Magazine 40 Years Edition”, a column report on the Ignite Global Women’s Museum in the United States, an exclusive interview with the international digital art database ADA, and a column study on “Pripheral ARTeries Biennial” And other honors.

The works are collected in art institutions at home and abroad

Domestic and foreign art galleries, cultural centers, agency galleries, and private collectors include the Art Museum of the National University of Longgang in Australia, the Art Museum of the University of Rosario in Argentina, the Italian Independent Artists Institute, the Doro Print Biennale in Portugal, the 404 International Science and Technology Art Festival, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, Taoyuan Fine Arts Museum, Taichung Fine Arts Museum, National Taiwan Art Education Center, Tainan Cultural Center, Zhenpin Art, Xinyuan Art, B.B.Art, Taichung Capital Arts Center, Elephant Art, Xiao Lihong, Ye Rongjia Culture Art foundations and private collectors, etc. The public art is permanently installed in various institutions and schools, including the Kaohsiung MRT Bureau, the National High-speed Network and Computing Center, the National Art Village, the High School Attached to Normal University, the Art College of Tsinghua University, and the Yilan Science Park of the Ministry of Science and Technology, etc.

VIP speakers, moderators and review committee members of domestic and foreign important topic speeches

Distinguished guest at the “Wanderer” and “Pleasure” International Digital Exhibition at the Gome Pavilion, guest at the “One dot Zero International Video” seminar at the North American Pavilion, guest speaker at National Tsinghua University and domestic and foreign colleges and universities, and Argentine 404 International Technology and Art Festival Keynote Speaker, Keynote Speaker of San Francisco State University, Keynote Speaker of Contemporary Art Space Moscow, Russia, Keynote Speaker of Queens Museum of Art, New York, United States, Keynote Speaker of New York Art Foundation, Keynote Speaker of Shanghai International Electronic Arts Festival, British Loughborough University Panel Distinguished Guest, Guest Speaker of Kyushu University, Japan, International Review Committee Member and Keynote Speaker of Melbourne International Design Symposium agideas, Moderator of Marlehou Cultural Administration Seminar of Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture and CERN in Geneva, Switzerland “Art Science Double Speed ​​@ Taiwan Project” International Review Committee, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Doctoral Degree International Review Committee, Hong Kong Baptist University Doctoral Dissertation International Review Committee, QS World University Ranking International Recommendation Committee, Ministry of Science and Technology Review Committee, Ministry of Education Review Committee, Gome Pavilion Advisory Committee, Taipei City Cultural Bureau Subsidy Review Committee, Executive Yuan Cultural Construction Committee Public Art Review Committee, National Literary Foundation Subsidy Review Committee, Taichung Cultural Bureau Collection Committee, Taipei Fine Arts Collection Committee, Kaohsiung Museum Collection Committee, Tainan City Museum of Art Collection committee member, review committee member of public funded study abroad by the Ministry of Education, international review committee member of Seoul International Animation Film Festival in Korea, and review committee member of important domestic art creation awards, such as: National Art Exhibition, Kaohsiung Award, Taochuang Award, Dadun Award, Sulfur Creek Award, KT Science and Art Award , Taipei Numerical Arts Award, Nanying Award, Yilan Award and other honors.

  • 2017~2018 Chair Professor and Dean of the School of Planning and Design, University of Science and Technology of China
  • 2012~2018 Adjunct professor in the doctoral program of the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University
  • 2010~ Host of Lin Peichun Digital Art Lab
  • 001~2002 Full-time associate professor and director of the Institute of Multimedia Animation Art, National Taiwan University of Arts and established the Department of Multimedia Animation Art
  • 1997~2000 Dean of the Business Design Department and Founding Director of Chung Yuan University
  • 1996~2001 Full-time Associate Professor, Department of Business Design, Chung Yuan University
  • 1985 M.A., Central Missouri State University
  • 1984 B.F.A, Central Missouri State University, USA
  • 1994~1996 Australian Government Outstanding Postgraduate Full Scholarship
  • 1996 Doctor of Art Creation, Australian National University of Wollongong


  • 2022 “Identity and Revolution”, Palmieri Foundation, Lecce, Italy
  • 2021 “Linz Electronic Arts Festival Hong Kong Garden – Cloud Art”, online and Osage Art Space Exhibition and Symposium, Linz / Hong Kong
  • 2020 “Apocalypse of Eve’s Cloning – Lin Peichun’s Ten Digital Art Laboratory Creation Exhibition”, Tainan Art Museum, Tainan City, Taiwan
  • 2020 “Body Manifesto: Lin Peichun Solo Exhibition”, Daxiang Art Space, Taichung, Taiwan
  • 2019 “Eve Clone AR” Solo Exhibition, QCC Art Museum, CUNY, New York, USA
  • 2019 “XII Florence Biennale”, Florence, Italy
  • 2019 “Urban Crowd”, New York Art Foundation, TAAC Tribeca/E. Tay/R Gallery, New York, USA
  • 2019 “Being Here as ME: Taiwan Women’s New Media Art Exhibition”, American University Museum of Art, Washington DC, USA
  • 2019 “Cultivate·Connect·Expand—2019 Taoyuan Women’s Art Special Exhibition”, Taoyuan Museum of Art, Taoyuan City Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • 2018-2019 “Female Trend: Female Subject and Artistic Creation Exhibition/Female Arts • Convergence: Female Subject and Artistic Creation Exhibition”, National Taiwan Arts and Crafts

夏娃克隆肖像創造計畫 IAR
Digital printmaking, hand-painted, 3D digital animation, AR augmented reality device
84 x 65 cm(Single)

Body • Gaze • Power
2023.10.23 – 2024.03.10
Asia University of Modern Art

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
WE/WOMEN – From Prehistory to HERstory
2022.06.25 – 09.21
National Museum of Prehistory

New media artist Lin Peichun was invited to attend the “Taiwan Light Spot Master Lecture” at the University of Edinburgh,
share the revelations and warnings about “Eve cloning”