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Wen Hua Chu was born in a scholarly family, and has been interested in painting since she was a child. During his studies in Taitung Renai Elementary School, under the guidance of his teacher, she participated in many art competitions and won numerous awards. After completing the study of the traditional Chinese painting group of the Department of Fine Arts of the university, she achieved excellent results in various competitions. This is the motivation for Wen Hua Chu to continue to paint every day. Then she entered the teaching hall and gave full play to his strengths in teaching, leading students into the field of fine arts and inheriting aesthetic concepts and skills.

She once taught in middle and high schools in Taitung County, and also served as the leader of the art class special education group for nearly ten years. During her 28 years of teaching, she was elected as a special excellent teacher of art gifted education in 1998, and was elected as the “Wenxin Award” for those who have contributed to the promotion of art education in Taitung County in 2004. She actively promotes the beauty of local arts and culture, and makes unremitting efforts to explore and cultivate them. The art talents in Taitung area have contributed a lot to the local area.

After retiring from Taitung Girls’ High School in 1992, he specialized in ink painting and founded Hanzhu Studio in 1995. The studio has been established for nearly 9 years, and most of its members are retired teachers who had taught in primary and secondary schools or public officials. The personnel are very interested in ink painting, and they learn from each other to improve the painting environment.


  • Teaching team leader and secretary of the principal’s office at Taitung Girls’ High School
  • Worked as an art teacher and counseling team leader, art education team leader at Xinxin Guozhong Middle School
  • Art teacher and discipline leader of Donghai Junior High School
  • Full-time art and craft teacher at Chishang Junior High School
  • Director of Taitung County Art Education Association


  • 2004, she won the Taitung Senior Artist Award & Wenxin Award (the third session)術家獎&文馨獎(第三屆)
  • 1998, he was awarded the Special Excellent Teacher Award for Art Gifted Education