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  • 1995, “Marianne’s Cabinet” won the Best Short Film Script Award from the French Esec Film Academy
  • 1998, “Portrait of a Famous Chef” won the Eslite Book Selection
  • 2002, “Paris‧Night‧Jazz” was sponsored by the 2002 Artist Award of the French Association in Taiwan
  • 2007, “Her Story” won the best report of the French “Marie Claire” in 2006-2007
  • 2008, “Her Story” was shortlisted for “The 4th Tivac365 Traditional Photography Award”
  • 2009, the second group portrait of women in the world “A Woman’s Room” was sponsored by the “National Arts Foundation” for literary creation
  • 2010, he was selected as the artist of “Yixiang Space” by Taipei Cultural Bureau
  • In 2013, was selected as the Top Ten Most Influential Persons of Lady Style in 2013