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Graduated from the Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan University of the Arts (MFA), director of the Taiwan Women’s Art Association, professional art education, independent curator, and former university lecturer, promoting the aesthetics of art education to take root. Held three solo exhibitions, experienced numerous joint exhibitions, and participated in the “Taiwan-Japan Art Fair” for two consecutive years. In 2016, he served as the co-curator of the “Silent Landscape” exhibition at the Gaomei Museum. His works were exhibited at the Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris, France, and won the Nominated for the Kaohsiung Award twice, his works have long focused on the theme of love, and have in-depth discussions on human civilization and environmental issues.

Curatorial Experience

  • 2016 Kaohsiung Art Museum was invited to co-curate “Silent Scenery: Humanistic Conception in the Art Vision – Time and Space Flow of Kaohsiung Industrial Landscape” Kaohsiung Art Museum, third floor
  • 2015 “Image Power and Influence” Kaohsiung City Historical Video Observation. Xinbin Wharf Art Space, Kaohsiung
  • 2014 “WE! We. Women]Talkingabout ~ 14 Girlfriends’ Inner Talks” Space of Taiwan Women’s Art Association, Taipei
  • 2014 “”Xingren is not happy” Record Changing Kaohsiung Landscaping Xiaoyao Garden and Xingren New Village Video Record + History Writing Joint Exhibition” Kaohsiung Cultural Center to Zhensan Hall

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2009 Commemoration of Civilization˙Commodity Love River Shopping Love River, Zeng Yubing Solo Exhibition Doupi Art Cafe, Kaohsiung
  • 2004 Landscaping Love River, Zeng Yubing’s solo exhibition, Xinbin Wharf Art Space, Kaohsiung
  • 2002 Commemoration of Civilization, Seeing the River of Love, Zeng Yubing Video Installation Solo Exhibition, Doupi Art Cafe, Kaohsiung

Digital photo paper, frameless aluminum plate
60 x 60 cm x 2

《Love and Hope》2022 World Women’s Art Festival
Blossom Everywhere
2022.06.25 – 09.04
Fourteen art and cultural spaces in Taitung