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《愛與希望》2022世界女藝匯流藝術祭現正於06.25-09.21之間進行,以台東三大藝術機構為基地:國立臺灣史前文化博物館、臺東美術館、國立臺東生活美學館。 展覽的第四部分,遍地開花,分佈於台東十四個藝術文化空間。



Love and Hope – 2022 World Women’s Art Festival is now going between 06.25 – 09.21 and is based in the three major art institutions in Taitung: National Museum of Prehistory, Taitung Art Museum, National Taitung Living Art Center. The fourth part of the exhibition, 遍地開花, is spread around at fourteen art and culture spaces in Taitung.

Taiwan’s female artists have an affluent heart that tolerate and embraces everything. With a generation of pioneers and a generation of inheritors, they have created many wonderful artistic expressions in their respective fields. The Association assembles female talents with natural intuition, artistic creation, and theoretical constructs to contribute to the splendid achievements of Taiwanese culture and art. The project will be based in the three major art institutions in Taitung, and will link all of Taiwan across ethnic groups and geographic regions to showcase these achievements and strengths. At this moment, in the second half of the pandemic, through the convergence of Taiwan’s contemporary female artistic power, we bid farewell to the past and pioneer the future with the action and power of “love and hope” for women in the arts. Ultimately, we hope that the Art Festival will become the Taiwan Women’s Art Association, and that the strength of the ocean will be passed on to each and every one of us, and that it will continue to develop and thrive from generation to generation.

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